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Kitchen Spoons Inaccurate Dosing Tools

medicine - use SI units

When it comes to dosages of cold medicine, your kitchen spoons may not be measuring up. Using spoons to measure medicine may be causing you to under or overdose, according to new research in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

“Spoon dosing has been identified as 1 of the 3 major causes of dosing errors and pediatric poisonings,” authors of the study wrote. “Most persons still use spoons when pouring medicine for themselves and their families.”

Congressman and physicist Vern Ehlers: A champion for science

U.S. Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI)

U.S. Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), one of American metrication's best friends in the Congress, is retiring from his seat.

One of the science community's own, US Representative Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), is retiring from Congress this year. Recognized widely as "Mr Science" and the "smartest" Member of Congress, Ehlers was the first research physicist to serve in Congress and has been a tireless champion of science in this nation.

"Either you're a nerd, or you work for one" is one of Ehlers's favorite sayings. He is also fond of pointing to his pocket protector with pride. Ehlers received his undergraduate degree in physics and his PhD in nuclear physics from the University of California, Berkeley. After six years on the faculty at Berkeley, he moved to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he taught physics for 16 years and became department chair.

USA - Proposed Rules Would Allow Metric Only Labeling for Some Products

Juice in Litres only, can you imagine?

NIST - Press Release:


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued two publications calling for the amendment of labeling laws to allow the voluntary use of only metric units on some consumer products. NIST researchers suggest that adoption of metric labeling will lead to greater agreement between state and federal labeling laws and simplify domestic and international commerce.

Sierra Leone goes metric after 49 years

In Sierra Leone is metrication important, but food is important even more

FREETOWN (AFP) – Sierra Leone's parliament has passed a law adopting the metric system of measurement after 49 years using the British imperial system, Trade and Industry Minister David Carew told reporters Friday.
"The law modifies the weight and measures act of 1961 under which the imperial unit of measurement had been used and now adopts the universally accepted metric system," he said.
"The law will enable us to get the correct measurement of foodstuffs and other commodities since measurement terminologies like pound and mile have been replaced with kilometres and kilograms."


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