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Commentary on the measurement muddle in the UK
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Minutes, TfL and ‘Legible London’

12 April, 2018 - 05:58
Visitors to the capital may have been surprised by the use of “minutes” to measure distance on many pedestrian signs. Metric Views has now come across correspondence between Ronnie Cohen and Transport for London (TfL) that provides the explanation. On … Continue reading →
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Metric vs Imperial. Which?

4 April, 2018 - 06:25
We comment on a letter and the reply recently published in Which?, the magazine of the Consumers Association. Subscribers to Which? may have noticed a letter on the Feedback page of the April edition that refers to a measurement muddle. … Continue reading →
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The Curiosity rover makes a curious discovery

1 April, 2018 - 04:51
We take a look at a little-reported discovery made by NASA’s rover during its 2000 days on Mars. It was reported recently that Curiosity, NASA’s car-sized rover, had already spent 2000 days exploring Mars since its landing on 6 August … Continue reading →
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Deficits, the global measurement system and global trade

24 March, 2018 - 10:13
In this article, Ronnie Cohen looks at the deficits of some major economies and asks if  apparent reluctance to use the global measurement system is a symptom of a wider problem – adapting to a changed world. While reading the … Continue reading →
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A storm in a champagne glass

8 March, 2018 - 21:12
We look into the recent story that appeared on BBC TV about the possibility of champagne becoming available again in the UK in pint bottles. The news item can be viewed here: It is difficult to see what the … Continue reading →
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The DfT’s duplicated reports

1 March, 2018 - 21:06
When Ronnie Cohen was researching the use of miles and kilometres for other articles, he came across several instances of metric and imperial versions of the same report produced by the DfT. In this article he gives details. The UK … Continue reading →
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Olympics – metric in Winter too

23 February, 2018 - 15:15
The Department for Transport has always maintained that the measurement system used on road traffic signs can be considered in isolation from the UK, European and global economies. The Winter Olympics in Korea, now drawing to a close, provide us … Continue reading →
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