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Commentary on the measurement muddle in the UK
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Pricing, profits and customer confusion

2 March, 2017 - 12:00
Inevitably, the referendum result has led to calls for a return to some of the measurements that Britannia used when she ruled the waves. Ronnie Cohen suggests an underlying reason. It is reported that a previously unknown politician who last year unsuccessfully challenged Mrs … Continue reading →
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No flight information please – we’re British

22 February, 2017 - 21:04
Ronnie Cohen wonders why at least one budget airline flying from the UK targets its flight information at continental and American passengers. When you fly, you are likely to be able to see moving-map information on the plane’s in-flight entertainment system. This is real-time … Continue reading →
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Smart meters, or not?

16 February, 2017 - 13:22
Readers may have seen a recent TV programme that was highly critical of the energy smart meter “roll out”. Some of you may now be wondering why a nation that made a mess of the simple task of adopting a … Continue reading →
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Supplementary Indications revisited

2 February, 2017 - 09:18
Supplementary indications received a reprieve in 2007, and will now, subject to the Brexit deal negotiated with the EU, need to serve only the needs of the UK economy. Ronnie Cohen wonders where US influence is likely to lead us. Supplementary … Continue reading →
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A new industrial strategy for Britain?

27 January, 2017 - 12:49
The Government revealed its new industrial strategy in a White Paper published earlier this week, generally receiving a positive response. But are there still elephants in the room? Professor T J Simpson, in a letter to the Editor of i … Continue reading →
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Is the proposed EU-US trade agreement doomed?

21 January, 2017 - 10:31
We have updated an article that was first published in 2013. The new US President has said he wishes to renegotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), signed but not yet ratified. Does this mean the proposed EU-US trade agreement, known as … Continue reading →
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