Metric System
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SI units


In physics there are two kinds of physical quantities, those are basic quantities and derived quantities. Basic quantities are the physical quantities the units of which predetermined, while the derived quantities are the physical quantities which the units of which are derived from basic quantity units.


1. Basic Quantities

EU allows pints and miles to stay on in metric world

EU flag
but the acre is going

The European parliament on Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 saved the pint and mile from EU extinction, saving British and Irish drinkers from having to order half litres or drive at under 110 kilometres per hour.
Under the measure, agreed without a vote at a second reading in the Strasbourg chamber, traders will also be able to display imperial and metric measurements side by side in shops and elsewhere.

World population disputed

metric billion
World population disputed...sort of

Canada and France argue that the world population is not approximately 6.6 billion.* In fact, they argue that the world population is 1,000 times smaller!** How can this be? As tempted as I am to let it stand with Canada and France being, well, Canada and France, I should explain the situation.

Metric Electrical Conduit Size

metricating eletrician
Metric Electrical Conduit Size

The electrical conduit is a vital part of any wiring effort. To get it right, you need to understand metric electrical conduit size options. Electrical conduit refers to the tubing that contains electrical cable and wiring. Conduit serves a variety of purpose. It keeps the electrical cable contained and orderly. It protects the cables and provides fire protection where the cables pass through walls.


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