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The Hidden Système International d'Unités and Hindrance to Full Metrication.

The Hidden Système International d'Unités and Hindrance to Full Metrication.

By Edward B. Schlesinger


The other day I was shopping for groceries when I overheard three young women talking loudly about which container of milk to buy for their metric cake school project. Their conversation consisted of how many litres of milk to buy when they needed six cups and milk is sold in quarts, half gallons, and gallon containers. I introduced myself and told them a cup is 250 millilitres and multiply the amount by six cups. Knowing this information, they went back and looked over the shelves. One young woman came running back and asked me how many millilitres are in a litre? I said one thousand millilitres in a litre. After a verbal expression of “Oh!” I perceived a light come over their faces as they quickly reached for their purchase and were off! As I think on this experience, I ask myself who is being aided by holding onto two systems of measurement, the SI international units and US customary units? By summarizing the current laws, I wish to show where we as a country are hindered in the process to full conversion to the International System of Units.

Myanmar is switching !!!

Myanmar, Burma

According to the CIA Factbook only Burma (Myanmar), Liberia, and the United States have yet to adopt the International System of Units as their official system of measurement.

THE basket, viss, tin and tical would largely disappear from Myanmar if the Ministry of Commerce gets its way.

At a meeting on the development of wholesale centres held in Magwe last month, participants agreed in principle to the government’s proposal to adopt the kilogram as the basic unit for commodities trade in all townships.

Vale Pat Naughtin - our Mr Metrication!

It is with great sadness  that we learnt  that a regular guest on Overnights, Pat Naughtin, (Mr Metrication) passed away on Saturday July 16 2011.

Pat’s regular segments  on measurement were extremely popular with our listeners.  We really appreciated Pat’s enthusiasm for the program, he would even travelled from his home in Geelong to come into the studio with Trevor.

Kitchen Spoons Inaccurate Dosing Tools

medicine - use SI units

When it comes to dosages of cold medicine, your kitchen spoons may not be measuring up. Using spoons to measure medicine may be causing you to under or overdose, according to new research in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

“Spoon dosing has been identified as 1 of the 3 major causes of dosing errors and pediatric poisonings,” authors of the study wrote. “Most persons still use spoons when pouring medicine for themselves and their families.”


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