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FGCU - speed limit signs post metric speeds

metric signs
metric speed limit signs

Before National Metric Week kicks off next month, Florida Gulf Coast University has become the first state college in Florida to install metric speed limit signs on campus.

A professor there, Tony Planas, said the elementary school students in this country learn the metric system and believes we should follow the Metric Conversion Act of 1975.

Planes provided the signs with the support of FGCU Campus Police, press release said, and they have been installed.

Metric Week is Oct. 7-13.

EU given up on metric - answer is NO

EU flag
Comment: EU gives up on metric Britain

Is this a victory? Not really. It’s just maintaining the status quo - half metrication which infuriates a large proportion of the public.

The media have finally caught up with the news that our masters in Federal Europe have, at least for the time being, given up on forced metrication in England.

However, despite the headlines boldy declaring that Federal Europe has given up on metricating England, they are still very much committed to ensuring that foreign metric measurements are here to stay. Anything you sell still has to be weighed or measured in metric with our own imperial weights and measures as an additional, less prominent, piece of information. You will still be prosecuted by Trading Standards for not using foreign metric weights and measures even though imperial is used by more people than metric.


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