Metric System
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Unified laws on measurements to help overcome trading hurdles

Dubai hotel Burj Al Arab

While autonomy in each emirate has helped propel the UAE to where it is today, some inherent difficulties are also entailed in this set-up. On top of this is the lack of a uniform standard, which is primarily due to a lack of a unified federal strategy.

In Abu Dhabi, land size is measured by metre while in Dubai measurement is usually done by foot. The gross floor area is also interpreted differently. So measurement, which is supposed to be universally uniform, is put under question. Even in home appliances, one can notice that there are different kinds of plugs and there are times that they are not compatible with the socket outlets. All of these boil down to one thing: standardisation.

How to define a kilogram

The official kilogram. Credit: BIPM

By Margaret Harris

Pick the correct definition of a kilogram:

a) the mass of a body with a de Broglie wavelength of 6.626069311 × 10^-34 m at a velocity of 1 m/s

b) a mass of a body at rest such that Planck’s constant h is 6.626069311 × 10^-34 Js

c) a mass of exactly 5.0184512725 × 10^25 unbound carbon-12 atoms at rest in their ground state

d) the mass of a lump of platinum-iridium sitting under three vacuum jars in a French laboratory

EU allows pints and miles to stay on in metric world

EU flag
but the acre is going

The European parliament on Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 saved the pint and mile from EU extinction, saving British and Irish drinkers from having to order half litres or drive at under 110 kilometres per hour.
Under the measure, agreed without a vote at a second reading in the Strasbourg chamber, traders will also be able to display imperial and metric measurements side by side in shops and elsewhere.

Measurement 2007 - Johannesburg

metric NLA
Measurement Traceability

Johannesburg, South Africa -- The National Laboratory Association (NLA) is hosting the Test & Measurement 2007 Conference and Exhibition at Emperors Palace Convention Centre, Johannesburg, from 19-21 November 2007.

The theme of the conference is Measurement Traceability - Challenges in the 21st century.

The key to good measurements, both physical and analytical, is the degree to which the accuracy of the measurement has been transferred from a standard of higher accuracy ultimately to one, or a combination, of the base SI units.


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