Metric System
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Norris teacher pushes for conversion to metric

Tom Price math teacher
Tom Price

In an empty middle school classroom in rural Lancaster County, a mild-mannered math teacher engages in subterfuge.

He speaks animatedly into a video camera, his voice rising and falling as he explains the metric system's many advantages.

"Hi. My name is Tom Price. I'm a math teacher, and I want to change this country to the metric system," he says. "Why? Because two systems do not work."

Later, he'll upload the video to YouTube. He hopes it will light the spark necessary in federal lawmakers to convert the United States to the metric system.

Using The Metric System

Metric unts

Presentation: Powerpoint - metric week

Who uses the SI system? In everyday life, just about everyone except for US! These countries do not use the metric system: The United States of America Liberia Myanmar ALL SCIENTISTS IN THE WORLD USE THE SI SYSTEM OF MEASUREMENT!

Metric Inquiry Research

Metric powerpoint

Presentation: Idea for teachers - metric week

Why The United States Has Not Fully Implemented The Metric System An inquiry project exploring the search strategies utilized by 8th grade science students. Jamie Daugherty


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