Metric System
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Metric racing

NYC Marathon

The student-teacher brought us all into the back of the classroom and went over the recipe. It was elementary school and we were making metric brownies.

What's a metric brownie?

Same as a regular brownie, only using a recipe that uses metric measurements.

Perhaps some of you remember that, the movement in the early 1980s to get Americans to convert to the metric system. I have no idea if it was a serious move, if it was purely an educational move or what even happened to the supposed "movement."

Going Metric...The Sooner, the Better.

kilometer odometer

While the 95 percent of the world has converted to the metric system, the United States stuck with inches, feet, ounces, pounds, Fahrenheit, etc. Only two more countries accompany us in this resistance against adopting the International System of Units (SI): Liberia and Myanmar (Elliott-Gower). After more than 200 years, we are still “on the other side”. We need to fix it ASAP.
The very first opportunity to go metric was missed in the early 1800s, when “President Thomas Jefferson, an amateur scientist and mathematician, recognized the merits of metric, and there was a lot of pro-French, anti-British sentiment in the country”. Then, in nineteen century, the US government authorized the official use of metric measures, alongside British measures in 1866 and signed the Treaty of the Meter in 1875.

Battling with the imperial old guard

Worthing Doubledecker
WHICH planet is Mr Garnett on?
He states that the metric system is not yet the standard of measurement in Worthing and that the majority of your readers can't immediately visualise what 20cm means.

This is a topic which I have studied a great deal but I shall restrict myself here to two comments.

Firstly, we live in a world that is virtually 100 per cent metric.

Everything in the modern world, except the fabric of buildings over about 40 years old, has been designed and manufactured in metric units.

This includes all motor vehicles, all buildings and their interiors, decoration, furniture, clothing, paving and all things electrical.

In fact, electrical measurements have always been metric.

More Metric

USA flag More Metric Stuff By CJ

I’ve gotten a lot of emails about my articles about the necessity of the U.S. converting to metric soon (President Obama, Give Us a Yard and We’ll Take a Meter; Some Practical Consequences of Going Metric). Let me address a few of them.


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