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EU allows pints and miles to stay on in metric world

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The European parliament on Tuesday 16 Dec 2008 saved the pint and mile from EU extinction, saving British and Irish drinkers from having to order half litres or drive at under 110 kilometres per hour.
Under the measure, agreed without a vote at a second reading in the Strasbourg chamber, traders will also be able to display imperial and metric measurements side by side in shops and elsewhere.

Selling land by the acre to be banned by EU

Selling land by the acre to be banned under new EU ruling

People in Britain will lose the right to sell land in acres under a new Brussels ruling nodded through by the Government. In a low-key meeting, a junior minister agreed last week to abolish the ancient imperial measurement and replace it with the metric equivalent 'hectare' from 2010. The UK previously had an opt-out, technically known as a 'derogation', from the EU's use of some metric measurements, which allowed the continued use of acres for the pruposes of land registration. But from January 1, 2010, the unit, which dates back to the 13th century, will be banned.

Crazy Judge

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Judge: Speeding Not 'As Bad' in Miles

When police caught driver David Clarke flying down a road at 180 kilometers per hour this month, he looked likely to lose his license.
But a country judge reduced the charge and let the 31-year-old information technology worker stay on the road after concluding the speed did not look as bad when converted into miles, or 112 mph.
'I am not excusing his driving. He should not have been traveling at that speed,' District Court Judge Denis McLoughlin said in his verdict, delivered Tuesday in County Donegal, northwest Ireland.

European Commission misleads on metrics

Günter Verheugen
Günter Verheugen 'misleads' on metrics

The European Commission is accused of misleading the public after saying it will allow Britain to retain pints, miles and ounces alongside metric measurements.

The UK Metric Association (UKMA) said Verheugen's statement does not mean that traders can go back to weighing and pricing in imperial measures. Just as they do now, traders will have to weigh or measure goods in metric units (kilograms, litres or metres) at the checkout and also display prices in metric units - with the option of a supplementary indication in non-metric units.

Picture: Günter Verheugen


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