Metric System
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metric system

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We want to GO Metric NOW. WE want to remove the old measuring system and WE WILL DO IT.

How to define a kilogram

The official kilogram. Credit: BIPM

By Margaret Harris

Pick the correct definition of a kilogram:

a) the mass of a body with a de Broglie wavelength of 6.626069311 × 10^-34 m at a velocity of 1 m/s

b) a mass of a body at rest such that Planck’s constant h is 6.626069311 × 10^-34 Js

c) a mass of exactly 5.0184512725 × 10^25 unbound carbon-12 atoms at rest in their ground state

d) the mass of a lump of platinum-iridium sitting under three vacuum jars in a French laboratory

Merchants unhappy about Interstate 19 switch from metric

USA flag Replacing metric signs - Way to the hell

The state Transportation Department is getting ready to spend $1.5 million replacing metric signs along Interstate 10 with mileage signs, to the chagrin of some businesses along the highway. The state plans to use federal stimulus money to replace the signs, which it previously planned to replace as the signs wore out. The signs marking kilometers instead of miles were first installed in the early 1980s when I-19 and a handful of other roads were signed in metric as the country considered a full conversion. That conversion hasn’t happened.

Metric LAWS

Metric system laws



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