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metrication matters Metrication Matters

The Metrication matters web site is loaded with useful information for anyone who is planning a transition to the metric system. Pat Naughtin also writes a monthly newsletter that shares metrication information from other people all around the world who are also involved in a metrication upgrade.

go metric Go Metric

action site - Do you get frustrated when you have to do conversions? Wonder why we use different measuring systems or names with different values depending on what you're measuring? Is your business suffering because you build using a measurement system the rest of the world has discarded?

metric 4 us Metric 4 Us

We need the better system - now! Not for the sake of the rest of the world, but for the benefit of us!

The U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc. The U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc.

The U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc., is a national non-profit organization that was founded in 1916. It advocates U.S. conversion to the International System of Units, known by the abbreviation SI (ess-eye) and also called the modern metric system. The process of changing measurement units to the metric system is called metric transition or metrication.

UK Metric Associations UK Metric Associations

Metric Views is the UK Metric Associations blog. It's a very informative site as to what's going on day to day in the UK as they finish conversion. This website aims to enable rapid response and comment on current issues and news items relevant to the UK’s changeover to the international metric system of measurement.

Think Metric Think Metric

A sight aiming to help schools and businesses become metric aware.

Metric America Metric America

Fun filled American metric learning experience that simply demonstrates everyday measuring.

Units of Measurement Units of Measurement

A page dedicated to listing all the units of measurement. Quite useful if someone gives you something bizarre like the breakfast cup

the metric system The Metric System

This site has good reference material for learning metric

SI Navigator SI Navigator

SI Navigator has links to a lot of useful metric sites including metric supplies and consultants.

Metric Method Metric Method

Metrication consultant services

NIST National Institut of Standarards and Technology National Institut of Standarards and Technology

NIST Guide to SI  The official NIST guide to the International System of Units. Publication SP811.
NIST SI Bibliography Sites related to SI as well as the history of measurement in the USA and SI.
NIST Educational Resource Links
www.ts.nist.govNIST metric program home page.


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