Metric System
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Sierra Leone goes metric after 49 years

In Sierra Leone is metrication important, but food is important even more

FREETOWN (AFP) – Sierra Leone's parliament has passed a law adopting the metric system of measurement after 49 years using the British imperial system, Trade and Industry Minister David Carew told reporters Friday.
"The law modifies the weight and measures act of 1961 under which the imperial unit of measurement had been used and now adopts the universally accepted metric system," he said.
"The law will enable us to get the correct measurement of foodstuffs and other commodities since measurement terminologies like pound and mile have been replaced with kilometres and kilograms."

Metrication in Africa

I have been lecturing basic sciences in African universities, in time when the countries of Africa have been changing their fps system to SI system. A very interesting and challenging period! It took some years to accomplish the change fully.


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