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Obama vows investment in science

metric obama President has set the goal of devoting 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) to US science research.

President Obama made the announcement during a speech on Monday to the US National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC. President Obama added that it was time for America to lead again in the area of research and development (R&D). He said the goal represented the largest commitment to scientific research and innovation in US history. "I am here today to set this goal: we will devote more than 3% of our GDP to research and development," said President Obama. "We will not just meet, but we will exceed the level achieved at the height of the space race."

Metrication Poll Directly @ Change.Gov

Barack Obama President USA
This is real .GOV site " - The Official Web Site of the The U.S. Presidential Transition" - maybe most important survey for METRIC SYSTEM

Its time the US embraces the metric system. This not only puts the country on the same measurement system as the rest of world, the task to convert would spur new jobs and align education materials. I think taking on this well over due conversion also sends a signal to the rest of the world that America has the humility to accept a global norm, demonstrate it can change (for the better) and is committed to better integrate with the rest of the world.

Vote now at the Obama's citizens briefing book site :

Time for America to go Metric? Youbecha!

metric obama
by: Gene Messick

According to the 2006 Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, the International System of Units (Metric System) is the primary or sole system of measurement for all nations around the World EXCEPT: 1) Myanmar, 2) Liberia, and 3) the United States.

One of the quickest and -- in the long term -- most useful new deal New Deal projects President Obama could get under way as soon as he's Inaugurated is to have Legislation introduced in Congress to take the United States to Metric Standards of Weights and Measures.

Need for the United States to Implement the Metric System.

metric obama
by: John Candido

I have an intuition that President-Elect Obama and some of the members of his transitional team has either a pro-metric policy already formulated as an implicit and unexpressed policy, or that either of them can easily be persuaded of the need for its timely introduction and implementation through Congressional legislation, given a skilful Lobbyist.


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