Metric System
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Moment of Zen - Metric System Is English

Rick Sanchez: Moment of Zen - Metric System Is English

Video: Jon Stewart - Moment of Zen

Rick Sanchez apologizes for asking a scientist what nine meters means in English. "Myself and most of the people I know don't know the metric system or can't do the conversion charts very well." So said CNN's Rick Sanchez Monday in response to criticism that he has taken for his absolutely pathetic coverage of Saturday's tsunamis in Hawaii. As Dr. Kurt Frankel discussed the ramifications of a nine meter drop observed in the ocean following the massive earthquake in Chile, Sanchez said, "By the way, nine meters in English is?"

Stewart tore apart CNN's Rick Sanchez For 'Nine Meters In English Is?'

Jon Stewart - Rick Sanchez -  'Nine Meters In English Is?'

Video: Jon Stewart - The Uninformant

Rick Sanchez reports on the tsunami warning the way a coked-up guy at a party would explain the strength of ants.A pathetic performance by Sanchez during that afternoon's coverage of the tsunamis predicted to hit Hawaii after the massive earthquake in Chile.

"By the way, nine meters in English is?" the manic CNNer actually asked a scientist brought on to explain the situation.

Ask Your Government: Will the U.S. Go Metric?

Elizabeth Gentry, Metric Program By, Ed O'Keefe

It's time for "Ask Your Government!" The latest answer comes in response to a user-submitted question from "Ask Your Government" Google Moderator member Glassboro Frank who asks: "One of responsibilities of the federal government is to "fix the Standard of Weights and Measures" and yet we now live with a hodgepodge mix of Imperial and metric units. When are we going to fully commit to becoming a metric country?"

Norris teacher pushes for conversion to metric

Tom Price math teacher
Tom Price

In an empty middle school classroom in rural Lancaster County, a mild-mannered math teacher engages in subterfuge.

He speaks animatedly into a video camera, his voice rising and falling as he explains the metric system's many advantages.

"Hi. My name is Tom Price. I'm a math teacher, and I want to change this country to the metric system," he says. "Why? Because two systems do not work."

Later, he'll upload the video to YouTube. He hopes it will light the spark necessary in federal lawmakers to convert the United States to the metric system.


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