Metric System
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Awkwardly-shaped objects

broccoli in grams
You can throw out your measuring cups!

So I got kinda annoyed at always having to measure large quantities of awkwardly-shaped objects such as broccoli in dinky plastic measuring cups, and was wishing I could just use my nice shiny digital electronic scale to weigh all my zone blocks. How does one go about measuring 8 cups of spinach anyway? I found this handy-dandy list (wfs) from the Health Canada website which lists macronutrient quantities, various micronutrients, etc. for a wide range of foods, and most usefully it contains the mass of each of the quantities of food.

Measuring Distance in Japan - The Metric Way

japanese girls - metric sytem
rejection of the metric system is a mystery

Those planning to travel, for business or pleasure will do well to learn the system of length conversion known as the metric system. In fact, a knowledge of metric length conversion will serve you well wherever you go on the planet, since only three countries in the world - Liberia, Myanmar and the U.S. - have refused to accept the metric system. (In the U.S., rejection of the metric system cost NASA $125 million dollars when a valuable Mars probe was lost back in 1999, because the scientists were working with two different measurement systems.)


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