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United Arab Emirates: April 1 2010 deadline to sell oil in litres

United Arab Emirates gas station sell oil in litres

By Karen Remo-Listana

Petrol stations in the UAE are given until April 1 to comply with the government directive to sell fuel by the litre instead of gallon as a unit of measurement.

"January is the starting point and they are given four months to make the shift," Dr Rashid Ahmad bin Fahad, Chairman of Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, (Esma) told Emirates Business. "They should be able to do it before April 1. Four months is more than a reasonable period of time."

The Demise of MPG

metric gasoline - $ per litre

Even before the advent of partially- or fully-electric cars, it was becoming increasingly apparent that the old fuel economy metric of miles per gallon isn't as useful for measuring energy consumption in vehicles as when it was first codified in the original Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard in the 1970s. That is due in part to the proliferation of new fuels--E85, LPG, LNG, CNG, methanol, and hydrogen--but also because expressing the relationship between distance and volume in this way obscured the diminishing returns to higher levels of fuel economy. As a Wall St. Journal column earlier this week put it, adding electricity into the mpg mix, "risks giving consumers inaccurate information about the financial and environmental costs of driving." But if we need a new metric, what should it measure?


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