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METRIC SYSTEM - slowly getting there, inch by inch

Food: Measuring success

metric chocolate biscotti

EDITOR-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine, Ruth Reichl, recently indicated that a staggering 24000 cookbooks were published last year in the US.

This might only be impressive to those of us who read food and cookery books for fun. One such book, Chocolate Chocolate is packed with delightful recipes containing chocolate in all its guises. Written by a Cordon Bleu alumnus, Lisa Yockelson, the impressive book tempts one to sprint out and buy the little bits and bobs necessary to make an array of bar cookies, fabulously creative cupcakes or large, lusciously decadent chocolate cakes.

The Demise of MPG

metric gasoline - $ per litre

Even before the advent of partially- or fully-electric cars, it was becoming increasingly apparent that the old fuel economy metric of miles per gallon isn't as useful for measuring energy consumption in vehicles as when it was first codified in the original Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard in the 1970s. That is due in part to the proliferation of new fuels--E85, LPG, LNG, CNG, methanol, and hydrogen--but also because expressing the relationship between distance and volume in this way obscured the diminishing returns to higher levels of fuel economy. As a Wall St. Journal column earlier this week put it, adding electricity into the mpg mix, "risks giving consumers inaccurate information about the financial and environmental costs of driving." But if we need a new metric, what should it measure?

Unified laws on measurements to help overcome trading hurdles

Dubai hotel Burj Al Arab

While autonomy in each emirate has helped propel the UAE to where it is today, some inherent difficulties are also entailed in this set-up. On top of this is the lack of a uniform standard, which is primarily due to a lack of a unified federal strategy.

In Abu Dhabi, land size is measured by metre while in Dubai measurement is usually done by foot. The gross floor area is also interpreted differently. So measurement, which is supposed to be universally uniform, is put under question. Even in home appliances, one can notice that there are different kinds of plugs and there are times that they are not compatible with the socket outlets. All of these boil down to one thing: standardisation.

Survey Foot versus International Foot: What’s the difference?

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Another reason why use metric system only:


In a recent thread on the Bentley newsgroups, we came across some confusion about the differences between an International Foot and a U.S. Survey Foot.

We thought it would be fun to shed some light on what these “feet” are and how much measurements would deviate due to the difference in unit length.



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