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We want to GO Metric NOW. WE want to remove the old measuring system and WE WILL DO IT. Comments



METRIC SYSTEM - slowly getting there, inch by inch

Metric racing

NYC Marathon

The student-teacher brought us all into the back of the classroom and went over the recipe. It was elementary school and we were making metric brownies.

What's a metric brownie?

Same as a regular brownie, only using a recipe that uses metric measurements.

Perhaps some of you remember that, the movement in the early 1980s to get Americans to convert to the metric system. I have no idea if it was a serious move, if it was purely an educational move or what even happened to the supposed "movement."

How to define a kilogram

The official kilogram. Credit: BIPM

By Margaret Harris

Pick the correct definition of a kilogram:

a) the mass of a body with a de Broglie wavelength of 6.626069311 × 10^-34 m at a velocity of 1 m/s

b) a mass of a body at rest such that Planck’s constant h is 6.626069311 × 10^-34 Js

c) a mass of exactly 5.0184512725 × 10^25 unbound carbon-12 atoms at rest in their ground state

d) the mass of a lump of platinum-iridium sitting under three vacuum jars in a French laboratory

Going Metric...The Sooner, the Better.

kilometer odometer

While the 95 percent of the world has converted to the metric system, the United States stuck with inches, feet, ounces, pounds, Fahrenheit, etc. Only two more countries accompany us in this resistance against adopting the International System of Units (SI): Liberia and Myanmar (Elliott-Gower). After more than 200 years, we are still “on the other side”. We need to fix it ASAP.
The very first opportunity to go metric was missed in the early 1800s, when “President Thomas Jefferson, an amateur scientist and mathematician, recognized the merits of metric, and there was a lot of pro-French, anti-British sentiment in the country”. Then, in nineteen century, the US government authorized the official use of metric measures, alongside British measures in 1866 and signed the Treaty of the Meter in 1875.

FAA Publishes Updated Amateur Rocket Rules

Federal Aviation Administration

Clarifies And Moves Amateur Rocketry Out Of The "Balloon" Section

The FAA has updated 14 CFR Parts 1 and 101 "Requirements for Amateur Rocket Activities", which corrects errors in the FAA regulations regarding amateur rockets, effective June 6th. According to the document: "A section concerning unmanned rocket activities was inadvertently placed in the subpart for unmanned balloon activities. This correction moves that section to the correct subpart, so all the information relating to unmanned rocket activities will appear in the same subpart. Additionally, we are making minor editorial corrections.


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