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METRIC SYSTEM - slowly getting there, inch by inch

On translations and the metric system

Translation and Metric Conversion

I am reading (yet another) Swedish detective novel translated into English at the moment, and I find that I'm thrown by some of the translation.

As you might guess, it's to do with the translation of the units of measurement from metric (I assume, but I'll get back to that) to imperial. First thing is, I have taken to the metric system like a duck to water, and faced with an imperial measurement like 3 feet, I will automatically convert it back to metric. And, efficient person that I sometimes am, I regret the time that the translator spent that I just had to undo.

Battling with the imperial old guard

Worthing Doubledecker
WHICH planet is Mr Garnett on?
He states that the metric system is not yet the standard of measurement in Worthing and that the majority of your readers can't immediately visualise what 20cm means.

This is a topic which I have studied a great deal but I shall restrict myself here to two comments.

Firstly, we live in a world that is virtually 100 per cent metric.

Everything in the modern world, except the fabric of buildings over about 40 years old, has been designed and manufactured in metric units.

This includes all motor vehicles, all buildings and their interiors, decoration, furniture, clothing, paving and all things electrical.

In fact, electrical measurements have always been metric.

GOP Fears the Metric System

GOP means Gross Old Pedophiles

Faithful readers might enjoy this commentary by John Feehery, former staffer to Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert and other congressional Republicans. Feehery pontificates about the prospects for the country now that Al Franken's victory gives the Democrats (at least theoretically) 60 votes in the Senate.

What's so perfect about this commentary is the way it illustrates one of the prime features that got the Republican party to where it is today: its "We're Proud to be Luddites" attitude.

Feehery complains that the Democrats, now that they have attained a Senate supermajority, can be expected to start enacting crazy, left-liberal policies. His prime example? The metric system. It's his first sentence. Dems are going to impose metric the way they tried back in the 1970s.

More Poor Excuses On NASA's Fear of the Metric System

Constellation program - NASA do not convert again - are they sane?

Draft NASA Constellation Program Management Directive Regarding Use of English Units of Measure

"3. RATIONALE: This directive defines and communicates a consistent approach to the use of engineering units throughout CxP. The program conducted an extensive and detailed effort to implement a primary SI units based system for design, analysis, test and operations while allowing English units for most of the hardware.


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