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We want to GO Metric NOW. WE want to remove the old measuring system and WE WILL DO IT. Comments



METRIC SYSTEM - slowly getting there, inch by inch

Horsepower - obsolete unit

Pure Horsepower - horseengine using metric nuts and bolts

Horsepower (hp, HP)

Below is some brief information about horsepower (hp).

Horsepower (hp or HP) is the name of several non-SI (Non International System of Units) units of power. This was originally defined to allow the output of steam engines to be measured, and compared with the power output of draft horses ( This is used in USA, or draught horse (UK), or dray horse).

The horsepower (hp or HP) was widely adopted to measure the output of piston engines, turbines, electric motors, and other machinery.  And different regions adopted different definitions of the unit. Now most countries use the SI unit watt for measurement of power.

NASA criticised for sticking to imperial units

The metric/imperial mixup destroyed Mars Climate Orbiter

by: NewScientist

Paul Marks

NASA's decision to engineer its replacement for the space shuttle using imperial measurement units rather than metric could derail efforts to develop a globalised civilian space industry, says a leading light in the nascent commercial spaceflight sector.

"We in the private sector are doing everything possible to create a global market with as much commonality and interoperability as possible," says Mike Gold of the US firm Bigelow Aerospace, which hopes to fly commercial space stations in orbit. "But NASA still can't make the jump to metric."

The Cocktailian

metric drinks

BY: San Francisco Chronicle

Gary Regan

Dear President Obama:

I do not represent the San Francisco Chronicle on the issue I'm about to open up, but I think that I can safely say that I speak for a large number of American bartenders when I ask you to consider encouraging, or even demanding, that everyone in this great country of ours make a far bigger effort to "plan the increasing use of the metric system in the United States," words taken from the Metric Conversion Act of 1975.

Ask Your Government: Will the U.S. Go Metric?

Elizabeth Gentry, Metric Program By, Ed O'Keefe

It's time for "Ask Your Government!" The latest answer comes in response to a user-submitted question from "Ask Your Government" Google Moderator member Glassboro Frank who asks: "One of responsibilities of the federal government is to "fix the Standard of Weights and Measures" and yet we now live with a hodgepodge mix of Imperial and metric units. When are we going to fully commit to becoming a metric country?"


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