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We want to GO Metric NOW. WE want to remove the old measuring system and WE WILL DO IT. Comments



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Think metric......... Condometric  

Action: We urgently need your help on the stimulus packge

USA money for metrication
by: Paul Armstrong

Currently, the stimulus package is being reconciled by a committee appointed
from the House and Senate.

This committee is made up of 10 members and in order to get metric into the
package we need to contact them before the bill is reintroduced into the house.

The best way to do this is a personal phone call followed by a fax or email.
Please do this as soon as you can and pass this note on to your friends and

Metrication Poll Directly @ Change.Gov

Barack Obama President USA
This is real .GOV site " - The Official Web Site of the The U.S. Presidential Transition" - maybe most important survey for METRIC SYSTEM

Its time the US embraces the metric system. This not only puts the country on the same measurement system as the rest of world, the task to convert would spur new jobs and align education materials. I think taking on this well over due conversion also sends a signal to the rest of the world that America has the humility to accept a global norm, demonstrate it can change (for the better) and is committed to better integrate with the rest of the world.

Vote now at the Obama's citizens briefing book site :

Help us change the world

by: Paul Armstrong

If you've not heard, there's a site collecting ideas for ways in which people think we should change the US called "Ideas for Change in America".
As you know, using multiple measurement systems has a huge negative impact on our economy and makes education more difficult (instead of teaching our kids useful stuff, we're teaching them an archaic customary measurement system). We have the opportunity to fix this and give our economy a significant boost in these difficult times as well as making the future brighter.


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